Facce da Blogger

“Facce da Blogger” (Blogger Faces) is a photo feature which I started in 2013 because I was curious to get to know the faces of those people working behind a computer screen.

All the project is based on the subjects protagonism: with writing they become someone else than themselves. I tried to make spectacular the characters created by the authors, palyning on the pop sense of writing online:: for this I have decided to shot with strong colors and lights schemes, emphasing the post production, as it happens with advertising photography. Some pictures are explicit tributes ti iconic shots by grat photographers.

FACCE DA BLOGGER developed into a traveling exhibition edited by Tiziano M. Todi, housed in Rome by Galleria Vittoria in 2015 and Milan, by Affordable Art Fair for the 2015 and 2016 editions, in 2016 by Areacreativa42 Gallery, Rivarolo Canavese (TO). In 2017 the project had been selected for the FIOF International Photography Festival.

A picture of the work, the one dedicated to the blog "Lottare, vivere, sorridere" won the first price for the national contest "Solidarity Target" held by Confraternita della Misericordia, Siena, Tuscany in may 2015. One of Stephanie Glitter's pictures has been selected for the final session of the International Lens Portrait Award 2016. The Salvatore Aranzulla portrait has been selected from Mondadori EDition for the cover of his best seller "Il metodo Aranzulla", edited in 2018.

Video interview for the Rome exhibition, RaiNews

Video interview for the Rome exhibition,ANSA

Article for the winning prize,SaluteSenoDRepubblica

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